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My Dishwasher Is Dead!

My Dishwasher Is Dead


"My dishwasher is dead.” If you haven’t uttered those words yourself, you at the very least know someone who has. It’s a frequent problem; one that is often met with distain and sourness generally reserved for rain on wedding days and recently discovered and previously forgotten cheese in the back of your fridge. What can be done? One option is to shop around for a new dishwasher. But there’s a better and more cost effective option. Contact a reputable home appliance repair team. There’s certainly no shortage of appliance repair techs; but rest assured, they are not all equally skilled. Choosing the right repair team may seem like a herculean task, but it doesn’t have to be. A few simple tips will have you making the best possible choice with ease.


Dead or Leaking Dishwasher?


First of all, it’s vital to understand that a leaking dishwasher is just as bad, if not worse, than a dead dishwasher. Any leaking appliance can lead to untold amounts of damage. Water is a common cause of structural damage and can even cause mold to accumulate over time. If your dishwasher is leaking, even just a little, shut off the water immediately and take action to correct the problem. If you aren’t the handy type, you’d be best advised to contact a professional home appliance repair team. Even if the dishwasher is truly dead, they’ll be able to help shut off the water at the very least.


Replace or Repair?


Many people come home to a broken appliance and begin the search for a replacement immediately. Dishwashers are not particularly cheap items, with higher end models costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A far more cost effective option is to bring in a professional home appliance repair technician. Parts and labour are more often than not substantially cheaper than a replacement dishwasher and most fixes and maintenance are able to extend the life of the unit for years.


What to Look For


It seems like there’s a home appliance repair technician for every appliance in Ontario, but only one team is able to provide the exceptional service you deserve. Start by looking for a company that offers their customers a one-hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee. It’s an excellent start that shows a company is focused on keeping their clients happy. Another excellent thing to keep an eye out for is an industry leading warranty. Most technicians will provide the manufacturer’s warranty on parts, but very few are confident enough in their work to offer a ninety day warranty on their labour. Nothing quite makes a customer feel as good as a warranty on a newly repaired appliance.


If your dishwasher is dead or clearly on its last legs, it might be wise to consider taking advantage of a professional and experienced home appliance repair team. You could save hundreds of dollars by having a unit fixed rather than replaced, and with the one-hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee provided by the most reputable technicians in the industry, there’s simply no reason to worry. Keeping just a few tips in mind will make the selection process substantially easier, and your home will be up and running at full capacity in no time. 

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